aPallo Wrist Brace System, Night Brace

Product Description

Dr. Matti Palo demonstrates how to use the aPallo wrist brace system to relieve carpal tunnel pressures at night.

  • Reese

    Interesting discussion about why the night brace is the most important. I think it is also great that this brace does not have any itchy parts! Braces I have worn in the past have always scratched me with the hard plastic or velcro. I loved the explanation for why this brace extends the middle two fingers. Is it pretty easy to apply to your dominant hand (using your non-dominant hand for the application)?

    • NurseEJ

      It looks like it would be pretty easy to put this brace on. I think if you are putting it on your dominant hand you would probably need to practice a couple of times, but the fact that there are no buckles or threading of straps would make it pretty easy to apply.

    • Rebecca

      To everyone above who even has the slightest doubt if it is this easy to put on… it is! I actually own this brace and was just watching this video to make sure I was using it correctly. This brace is also very comfortable and does not have any itchy or hard plastic parts. I can easily apply the apollo wrist brace system by myself with my non dominant hand and it is a breeze! I definitely highly recommend this brace.

    • Diamond Grant

      It does seem that from this video the brace is easy to self apply. I like how the video showed a close up of Laura putting on the brace so you could see how it should be put on properly. I have a small hand, arm, and wrist so I would be concerned about getting a snug enough fit but it seems that this brace would eliminate that problem for the most part.

    • jem1997

      I agree, Reese. If this is as comfortable as it sounds, this would be great. I also like the fact that it keeps your middle fingers extended so that you cannot bend your fingers down at night. And it was great to see that you can apply the brace without a second person!

  • Nicole De Armas

    This system is very intriguing. Working at a computer for long hours leaves me with wrist pain that is sometimes very painful. I have a cyst in my right wrist that swells on occasion and may potentially suffer from carpal tunnel from lack of ergonomically friendly keyboards at my workstation. I feel that this system, both night and day would benefit me greatly.

    Being that the cyst makes it difficult to extend or even use my fingers at times, I hope this will help with that as well.

  • Diamond Grant

    Interesting that he said that if you were only going to wear one brace all of the time, it would be the night brace. Before visiting this section I would have though otherwise, but I think I get it now. Having the wrist in the proper position for an extended period of time overnight would probably do a lot more good than trying to counteract activity done while wearing the brace during the day.

    • Lois

      Hi Diamond, I’m not so sure Dr. Palo meant you should wear the night brace all of the time. I think he meant, if you’re only going to wear one of the 2 braces, it should be the night brace (at night). But I don’t want to speak for him.