aPallo Wrist Brace System, Day Brace

Product Description

Dr. Matti Palo demonstrates the application of the aPallo day wrist brace including how to use the included ice strap for carpal tunnel relief.

  • Nicole De Armas

    This day brace makes me feel confident that I can alleviate day time pain during work. Constant computer work causes my carpal tunnel and ganglion cyst to become irritated and swollen. I take frequent breaks to stretch my fingers and hands, hoping that the pain and cramping will be alleviated. Many of my coworkers wear braces and I think they would also be excited to learn about his product!

    I am going to show this video to my coworkers and I hope they feel the same way I do!

  • Rebecca

    The ice strap that comes with the apollo wrist brace system helps my carpal tunnel so much! It provides relief like I have never experienced before. I have been dealing with carpal tunnel for the past few years and until now, I have been unable to find something that really helps but now i feel like I have found the miracle cure.

    • Diamond Grant

      Wow Rebecca, great feedback. It is nice hearing from someone who uses this brace that it is effective. I am glad that it works for you and that the ice strap does indeed provide relief. Out of curiosity, how long does the ice pack stay cool before you have to cool it again? If it lasts a significant period of time that would make the brace even more useful and beneficial to prevent having to unstrap and re-strap the device.

  • Diamond Grant

    I like the fact that you can adjust the strap to allow for doing activities that require more movement. Taking the brace on and off would be a nuisance that I probably wouldn’t want to bother with. The ice strap seems like a great feature as well. And again, the fact that can be done by yourself without assistance is a great feature which makes it easy to use and more likely to be used.

  • Harris

    I would definately be able to type with this on, and I imagine I would be more comfortable doing it too. It certainly would not interfere with driving. The only activities I would wonder about would be sports like tennis and golf. Although I know that when my CTS is flaring up, playing these sports is not an option for me anyway.