aPallo Night Brace Application

Product Description

Dr. Matti Palo describes how the aPallo night brace was created in order to keep your wrist in a neutral position during the night.

  • Harvind S

    Mornings are the worst part of the day for my joint pain, and not just my back but my wrist as well. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and I think a lot of people ignore their well-being during this time. I’m sure I’ve unconsciously positioned my wrist in ways I never would during the other 2/3’s of the day. I want to make this time start working in my favor from now on!

    • Randy Farmer

      Harvind- I’ve had CTS for almost 10 years. Sleeping on my sides especially (either side since I have it in both wrists) was putting a horrible strain on my wrists, not to mention interrupting my sleep multiple times every night. I even tried wearing a custom T-shirt to bed that made it uncomfortable to sleep on my side in an effort to keep me on my back!

      Since I’ve started using these braces my wrists have felt just fine, regardless of what position I sleep in. You are right, we spend 2/3’s of our lives sleeping and we need to take care of ourselves during this time.

  • Rebecca

    Figuring out the apollo night brace application on my own was a bit confusing but this video really helped! Ever since I started wearing this while I sleep, the pain in my wrist has been significantly less when I wake up in the morning. It is also much more convenient to wear a brace while I’m sleeping than during the day where it gets in the way.

  • Sherman

    Both of these braces look pretty light weight to me. That’s of particular importance to me in regards to the night brace. The brace I’ve been wearing at night gets sweaty and uncomfortable. Nothing too bad, but bad enough that I will sometimes notice the brace sitting on my night stand in the morning, without me remembering taking it off.