aPallo Walking Cane

Product Description

This video describes how the aPallo cane works to improve the safety and convenience of using a walking cane.

  • Collin C.

    Standing and sitting (standing especially) is when I feel most at risk after my back surgery. I always felt like my momentum was carrying me forward, but there was no lateral stability. I had plenty of support on my right side (my cane hand) but I had some close calls where I almost took a crash to the left.
    This device has helped me stand up with balance. I no longer look to my left for a table top or arm rest when I get off the couch. Thank you!

    • Julia

      I know what it’s like to feel like your momentum is carrying you forward, especially being 9 months pregnant! My whole center of balance is off; it’s terrible. This cane helped me regain that so much and I am so appreciative.

    • Diamond Grant

      Julia, I wish I had found this cane when I was pregnant. It was such a struggle getting up and down and even just walking because as you said your center of balance shifts. Plus, being that I have such a small frame there was a lot of pressure on my hips and legs that I wasn’t used to. I know this cane would have been extremely beneficial to me and that I would have avoided looking crazy when I tried to stand.

  • NurseEJ

    What a concept! I have taught a ton of patients how to stand from a sitting position using a cane. This aPollo cane would have made this process SO much easier! And the idea that the handle pivots is a stroke of genius that would allow you to get the second handle out of the way. Good job, Dr. Palo.

  • Nicole De Armas

    This is such an awesome product. My grandfather was in a motorcycle accident, losing the ability to walk without a cane or get up and down easily. This would be a great way for him to become more mobile while going through therapy and even after.

    I plan to recommend this product to my grandmother so she can discuss investing in this with him. This would help his daily life so dramatically.

    Great innovation!!! Ingenious!

  • Joy

    The pivoting handle is such a neat feature and it makes so much sense. I have seen people in my life who use canes struggle getting up using a regular cane. Now that issue can be resolved. The fact that the video shows all different types of people using the cane (i.e. pregnant, elderly, etc.) means that it is really functional. I honestly think I will recommend this product to some people I know because it can save them a lot of trouble.

    • Julia

      I have been using this cane for the past month or so and I’m almost 9 months pregnant. It is very helpful and the pivoting handle is very useful for helping me stand up. My back has been so sore since my tummy has gotten so big and I am so glad I found this cane. I never thought I would need one at such a young age but one I’m not pregnant, hopefully I won’t need it anymore.

  • Diamond Grant

    How truly innovative to create a cane with a pivoting handle. Seems like that is such a practical thing and yet this is the only cane that I have seen with such a feature. It honestly cannot get much easier than flipping out the pivoting handle and using it for support to stand. I bet this makes the process a lot easier for those who have purchased the product. Also, very neat that there is a place for storing small items and lighting to help for use at night or in dark places.

    • Escobar

      Diamond, I agree. I haven’t seen any other canes on the market with a pivoting handle. Do you use the pivot every time you stand with it? Have you ever had any issues with it not locking in place? How does the cane compare with others from a weight standpoint? I’m assuming it’s a lighter, sturdier metal.

  • Diane

    My husband is 6ft. 5in. tall, and 250 pounds and has Parkinsons. Can anyone tell me if there is any reason why he wouldn’t be able to use this? Would the cane be too short. Or not strong enough. Thanks